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Team Leader Branch

02 Mar
Standard Bank

02 Mar

Standard Bank


Natal, RN


- Job ID:


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- Country:

South Africa

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Kwazulu Natal

- Location:

University Of Kzn

Job Details

- Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa and our highly visible brand, award-winning service, and strong global presence helps us maintain our market-leading position. We place huge value on the talent of our people to drive our continued success, and to support our plans for growth. We now need a talented and resourceful individual to help us fulfil our business objectives and build customer loyalty.

Job Purpose

- To lead the Branch with the objective of providing efficient customer service and achievement of sales targets.

- To assess and understand the risks associated with telling transactions, handing of cheque books, MasterCard and ATM cards and maintain an effective system of controls to reduce exposure and thereby minimise risk.

- To maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Customer Service:

- Complete all compliance training within laid down timelines

- Creates and maintains a service-orientated environment in the banking hall.

- Ensures that staff deals with customers efficiently and effectively.

- Ensures that laid-down instructions are adhered to for all routine transactions pertaining to customer enquiry related functions.

- Authorises amended daily ATM (Automated Teller Machine) withdrawal limits.

- Authorises issue of ATM cards (linking/re-orders) as well as Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).

- Ensures that all routine functions are adhered to according to laid down procedures.

- Ensures that direct reports provide customers with exceptional service.

- Ensures that there is a sufficient number staff in place to meet the fluctuating demands of customers by effectively interpreting and actioning the data provided by the Branch Scheduling Tool (BST).

- Maintains and updates all administration pertaining to the BST.

- Updates, edits and publishes schedules drawn from BST.

- Produces Quest requisition based on BST schedules.

- Ensures workload fit target is achieved.

- Ensures that all aspects regarding track and trace are adhered to according to laid down procedures.


- Ensures that sales targets are met.

- Gains a sound understanding of the different Regional segments in the branch’s area of operation.

- Keeps up to date with changes and developments in the Regional/area.

- Manages the sales tracking system and provides coaching and feedback to the team.

- Coaches the sales team on product knowledge and makes the most of cross-selling opportunities.

- Assists subordinates in generating meaningful and value-added customer solutions, thereby achieving maximum business development.

- Focuses on multi-channel integration.

- Manages work list queues to ensure items are actioned within agreed timelines, and/or re-assign staff to different queues to ensure work completed within agreed timelines

- Ensures staff are appropriately reflected on the organisation structure for distribution of work items to the correct staff/teams

- Monitors and manages the performance of team members, as it relates to Leads, Queries and Complaints management.

- Coaches staff on the required behaviours to support the Customer1st system.

- System Access Administration

- Assigns users to the organisation structure.

- Adds/removes user access.

- Re-sets passwords.

- Logs Team Track requests for all hardware and telephony related problems.

- Loads users to the Multi-Function Device (MFD) system.


- Ensures that laid-down instructions relating to the control, handling and movement of cash are adhered to.

- Ensures that cash holdings are kept within prescribed limits.

- Authorises encashment of cheques and other cash withdrawals referred by tellers.

- Ensures that where required tellers’ balance specifications are completed correctly daily according to laid down procedures.

- Monitors cash differences and ensure that these are reported according to laid-down instructions.

- Ensures that the teller competency database is updated on a weekly basis.

- Ensures Duty of Care tests are conducted half yearly (every six months) for Tellers, BDC and relief staff.

- Monitors cash trends and ensure cash holdings are within prescribed limits.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/Automated Notes Acceptor (ANA) terminals:

- Manages ATM/ANA availability to ensure uptime and liaise with the ATM Control Centre, in need.

- Ensures that the ATM area is neat and tidy at all times.

Asset custodianship:

- Ensures that laid-down locking away procedures are adhered to.

- Controls and scrutinises the key register and authorise all changes.

- Ensures that laid-down instructions regarding the control and maintenance of duplicate keys are adhered to.

- Authorises change in custodianship for in Assets Register for Reserve Stock Blank forms, Treasury, and Safe Custody etc.

ATM Custodianship (where applicable):

- Acts as secondary custodian of Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/Auto Note Acceptor Machine (ANA) keys.

- Acts as secondary custodian for the ANA/ATM (KABA) Automatic time delay lock pass code.

- Acts as primary custodian of receipts for duplicate keys.

- Has joint custodianship for treasury holdings.

Bureau De Change:

- Ensures all routine aspects for drafts, traveller’s cheques, foreign notes and travel wallets are adhered according to laid down procedures.

- Ensures that all aspects with regard to Exchange Control regulations are adhered to according to laid down procedures.

- Monitors cash trends and ensure cash holdings are within prescribed limits.

Risk and Security Management:

- Ensures that Tellers, ATM, Foreign exchange differences are reported according to laid down procedures.

- Completes documentation with regard to investigations of losses for own area.

- Ensures that a ten percent Know Your Customer (KYC) and Account Origination sample check for the correct KYC and account opening documents are conducted on a weekly basis.

- Ensures staff awareness in terms of fraud.

- Attends to and reports in conjunction with Regional Quality Assurance teams on all losses and special investigations as it pertains to Internal Audit, Fraud Risk and Loss Management (FRLM) and Operations Shared Services (OSS) requirements.

- Prepares in conjunction with the Regional Quality Assurance team detailed correspondence to internal audit when a special investigation is required.

- Ensures in conjunction with Regional Quality Assurance team that finding sheets from Risk Assurance and Internal Audit has been responded to and irregularities attended to according to laid down procedures.

- Ensures that the Code of Banking is adhered to.

- Attends to queries related to adverse credit bureau listings.

- Ensures that the UV Lights are operational and comparison stickers are not faded.

- Ensures staff members are fully conversant with opening/closing procedures and security during banking hours. Ensure that these measures are strictly adhered to.

- Monitors the physical security of the centre and liaise with Global Real Estates Services where required.

- Effectively manages the day to day responsibility and requirements of the CCTV systems.

- Controls the security guards and meet with the security company regularly.

- Reports damaged/lost Panic Buttons.

- Controls and authorises changes to PINs to security equipment.

- Controls one key to Cosmos alarm.

Cost Management:

- Authorises and submits account payments, Staff Expense Claims within authorised limits and ensure they are submitted for payment timeously to Financial Shared Services Unit (FSSU) for payment.

- Maintains a record of all invoices paid to avoid duplications.

- Recovers sundry expenses, private telephone calls, parking, where applicable.

- Monitors revenue and expenditure against budget and ensure that controllable costs are within budget.

- Escalates high unexplainable costs to the Team Leader Branches.

- Ensures that revenue recoveries are affected for all relevant transactions.


- Checks that the Communications (Comms) room is neat on a weekly basis.

- Control Access to Computer Room/Communications Rack by using Form 00180535 (Branch computer room – Access control sheet).

- Ensures readiness of generator and other contingency equipment is tested on a regular basis.

- Arranges for moving of computers by Systems Support Officers.

- Ordering of new equipment via Workplace Optimisation Managers.

- Maintains relationship with external and internal business partners.

- Monitors the image risk, premises maintenance and equipment maintenance and ensure that all these are attended to and logged via OPS Connect.

- Applies for various application licences for newly appointed staff (E-mail) as well as ensuring that they have access to various system applications pertaining to their job, i.e. KYC, EDAS.


- Ensures that all aspects relating to deliveries and received goods are adhered to according to laid down procedures.

- Co-ordinates and control the ordering of corporate wear for all staff and file the delivery note as a reference document should there be future queries or possible returns at a later stage.

- Controls cleaning staff.

- Maintains the Fixed Assets inventory, and undertake physical verification of assets as and when required ,complete move sheets for relocation of items, ensure new equipment received is recorded, and obsolete equipment removed is deleted.

- Controls and updates internal telephone lists

- Controls visits to the branch by outside service/maintenance vendors, (e.g., SASBO, Metrofile).

- Orders refreshments, cleaning materials, toiletries and first aid kit supplies for the branch.

- Controls and order stationery for the Branch.

- Controls old records by liaising with Metrofile and Team Leaders of the relevant departments.

- Receive and file a copy of the KABA lock checklist together with the technician’s job card at the branch where the installation takes place

Reactive Selling:

- Identifies cross-selling and migration opportunities and sell products/services reactively.

- Completes sales tracking forms on a daily basis.

- Ensures that targets and budgets are met.

- Participates in tactical sales/marketing activities as required.

- Generates and passes on leads


- Scrutinise the ICM General Cash account monthly on a surprise check basis, if not the senior custodian of treasury. If senior treasury custodian, scrutinise the ICM General Cash Account statements, daily as per laid down procedures.

- Conduct weekly spot checks to ensure all cash deposit fees are recovered.

- Ensure entries are expunged correctly and captured to the correct accounts (account is nil and balanced daily).

- Scrutinises the following reports according to laid down procedures.

Scrutiny of reports where no Team Leader, Tellers post is in place (Scrutinise the following reports according to laid down procedures):

- Ensures that excess cash holdings are reported and adhered to according to laid down procedures.

- Attends to Security and Access Control System (SACS) administration for own Branch.

- Attends Connect meetings, when required.

- Continuously looks for opportunities to streamline processes and improve on service delivery.

- Countersigns bank cheques, when necessary within limits of authority.

- Authorises withdrawals and other value transactions within limits of authority.

- Controls and ensures that the Swept Deposit system is being migrated.

- Ensures that current merchandising is effectively displayed in the Branch.

- Ensures that laid-down instructions relating to incoming/outgoing faxes are adhered to.

- Attends to maintenance of e-mail facilities in the Branch.

- Collates Letters of Understanding and Undertaking in respect of loading of data on the Application Scoring System.

- Ensures that Letters of Understanding and Undertaking in respect of Operational Authorities Delegated are filed away.

- Ensures laid down instructions for Contingency are followed in the event of ATM/BDS systems being down.

- Control and capture KYC status codes.

People Management:

- Responsible for inspiring, motivating, leading and managing the team.

- Responsible for the recruitment, development and retention of relevant skills in order to meet the business needs.

- Ensures the effective selection of staff by matching the skills and competencies to the requirements of the job.

- Ensures skills assessments and competency-based training takes place as and when required.

- Ensure 100% compliance training for all staff.

- Builds organisational capabilities through evaluating likely future requirements and ensuring that individuals are provided with the best possible development opportunities in line with these.

- Creates an environment in which learning and development are emphasised and valued.

- Takes personal responsibility for coaching and mentoring others.

- Effectively delegates authority and responsibility, in line with business objectives, to ensure the empowerment, motivation and effectiveness of all direct and indirect reports.

- Promotes a culture where the values of the Bank are seen to be ‘alive’.

- Ensures the implementation of the leadership promise and employee engagement programme.

- Encourages team members to express their views, resolves issues raised by the team, escalates issues if required, and provides feedback to teams on an ongoing basis.

- Develops and maintains an open communication channel with direct reports and supports staff to foster greater co-operation and teamwork.

- Monitors and manages the performance and development of staff within the area. This includes regular one-on-one feedback sessions, conducting mid-year and final performance appraisals, as well as the moderation and relative distribution of all appraisals for the team.

- Fosters the transformation of the workplace and supports business in the achievement of the undertakings in the transformation scorecard, with specific attention to attaining the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) targets for Standard Bank by 2016.

- Ensures staff are appropriately and consistently rewarded and recognised for their achievements and outputs.

- Ensures that disciplinary action and grievances are addressed and aligned to the Standard Bank policies and procedures.

- Provides Performance Management Forum (PMF) input for own staff.

- Conduct staff meetings and teambuilding exercises, as required.

- People Management for direct reports – Ensure the following are in place: KRA’s (Key Result Area’s), Performance Contracts, One on Ones, Appraisals, Performance Management, Performance Development Plans (Career Discussions), Talent Matrix, Coaching and Assessment of Training Requirements

- Control and scrutinise the attendance register for own staff on a weekly basis.

- Set up and collate the Sign-On Register on a monthly basis.

- Administration for direct reports – Check sign on register and ensure that sick leave is captured and authorized on SAP, authorise overtime, Saturday pay, Leave and Staff Expense Claims for direct reports.

- Complete and submit PRU’s (Personnel Record Updates) for any changes relating to staff.

- Personnel Administration – Responsibility for housing and control of Staff Confidential Files.

- Co-ordinate the Leave Schedule for own centre in conjunction with Team Leader Branches to ensure optimal resource allocation

- Obtain the Overdue Leave report and ensure that direct reports take compulsory leave.

- Coach staff regarding the requirements and completion of Bursary Applications, processing of the Applications via Human Resources as well as the submission of requirements subsequent to examinations.

- Approve and/or decline gifts in accordance with the Gratification Policy outlined in GRG (Group Reference Guide).

Preferred Qualification and Experience

- Matric

- You must complete one of the Qualifications listed on the FSB recognised list within the allocated time.

- You must complete the RE 5 examination within the allocated time

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise



Good knowledge of banking practices and procedures

- Knowledge of compliance management processes

- Understanding of the Connect (employee engagement) methodology


- 4 – 5 years’ branch banking experience, with exposure to all departments and overall customer service.

- Must have relevant intermediary experience in respect of the FAIS product subcategories applicable to this role.


- Computer literate.

- Good verbal communication skills required for explaining banking procedures.

- Ability to convey factual information clearly.

- Ability to listen and probe effectively to determine customers’ real needs.

- People management skills, including teambuilding, motivation and team goal planning.

- Assertive - able to stand by principles and put forward an idea or view despite opposition.

- Resilient – able to retain optimism despite setbacks and not take criticism personally.

- Ability to remain calm and focused under pressure.

- Methodical, accurate, pays attention to detail.

- Results-orientated, adheres to turn-around times/deadlines.

- Customer service-orientated, diplomatic, able to maintain good relations even when communicating disagreeable information to customers.

- Team player – approachable, ability to share with and consult others.

- Self-motivated and energetic.

PLEASE NOTE: All our recruitment and selection processes comply with applicable local laws and regulations. We will never ask for money or any form of payment as part of our recruitment process. If you experience this, please contact our Fraudline on +27 800222050 or forward to [email protected]

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