Inventory Coordinator

Inventory Coordinator

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The Inventory Coordinator executes the inventory strategy developed in conjunction with the subsidiaries serviced by the CBS. He/she collaborates with the Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning and Production Planning Teams to deliver the inventory goals while meeting or exceeding the customer service target levels. He/she is also responsible for calculating the optimal stock levels to ensure meeting both service and inventory targets.

The CBS Inventory Coordinator is responsible for conducting continuous maintenance of the Tools IO/CT model & APO inventory systems and their best practice applications. He/she will also provide the technical expertise on inventory modeling tools and systems troubleshooting (IO/CT, APO, Right Sizing tool)

to production and supply planners. He/she conducts the parameters review with the categories/process owners to address systems synchronization opportunities. He/she leads the Synchronizing Demand & Supply weekly meeting to be held in collaboration with SNP and Production Planning, in order to identify inventory reduction opportunities and minimize service risks. He/she delivers the end of month inventory projection.

He/she will provide support regarding inventory to the local CS&L; director and the Management Team.


- Develop inventory strategy in conjunction with the subsidiary serviced from the CBS, fully aligned with Division inventory goals. The strategy must include all inventory components (finished goods, on hand materials, spare parts, inventory in transit, slow-moving, obsolete, etc). 

- Support monthly Get FIT discipline, including: 

-Evaluation of Performance Vs. Plan: including a detailed explanation of deviations (if any).

-Understand Excess Inventory: special focus on Slobs and categories above goal.

-Project Future Inventory.

-Provide all details to the local S&D; Managers, CS&L; director, and the management team.

- Develop monthly inventory process, including tracking of KPIs, lead meetings with main supply chain and commercial stakeholders to drive integration and alignment on maintaining optimum inventory levels and maximizing service. Prepare monthly financial inventory reconciliation, attend finance meetings to track working capital, follow up on procurement to foster suppliers integration into the new SMI policy, etc.

- Review Weekly Tunnel Analysis and Meeting with each Focus Factories and Process Owner to minimize shortages and inventory levels above K Max. Deliver end of month inventory projection to meet inventory goals defined by the subsidiaries serviced from the CBS.

- Review outputs of modeling tools (IO, CT, APO, and Inventory Right Sizing) to evaluate and set optimal inventory stock levels and planning parameters (Safety Time) based on historical demand variations/forecast and desired service levels. Conducts quarterly update based on ABC classification at the subcategory level.

- Conducts Parameters Meeting with the Categories / Process Owners to address systems synchronization opportunities. Supports systems troubleshooting and set up: PPDS // CT // IO // SNP.

- Minimize excess inventory, focused on Slow moving, obsolete, and non-productive inventory. Works closely with Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Production Planning, Procurement, and CDT to take corrective and preventive actions.

- Supports and leads IT Grid Projects implementation that impacts inventory (e.g. E2E Tools, SNP, and GSN).

- Provide SNP Team with local R/3 Reporting (stock summary and availability reports).

- Provide the logistics team with the daily inventory projection to foresee any space constraint.

- Conducts make to stock projects implementation to support inventory reductions in the subsidiaries serviced from the CBS. 

Basic Requirements:

-Bachelor's degree

-Experience in supply planning and or production planning and or inventory management in the consumer goods industry.

-Strong experience with Inventory Management and proficient with SAP/APO//IO/IBP and PPDS

-Strong experience using BI reports and analysis

- English language proficiency

Preferred Qualifications:

Masters degree

Spanish language proficiency

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